By Zebadayah Ataelseed & Ryan Rubinstein

As the curtain opened on Day 1 of Senior Bowl practices, the football field transformed into a testing ground for emerging talent. Players displayed their skills, making a notable impression on scouts and coaches alike. From precision passes to great defensive plays, the opening day of Senior Bowl practices spotlighted individuals whose practice performances left an immediate impact.

In this analysis, we focus on the players whose stocks we should buy, sell, or hold, offering insights into their skills and early potential. As the scouting season progresses, these athletes have already positioned themselves as noteworthy prospects, with their Day 1 displays signaling readiness for the challenges of the professional level.

National Team Team

CB – Quinyon Mitchell – Toledo – Buy

In a standout performance,  Mitchell showcased an extraordinary blend of sticky coverage, ball awareness, and physicality. He spent most of his day jumping routes and breaking up passes. He easily won the day for the National Team practice and it’ll be hard to see him drop outside of the 1st round if he keeps up this level of play this week.

OL – Jackson Powers-Johnson – OregonBuy

Powers-Johnson, “the Oregon product,” took snaps both at center and right guard, and he impressed in both positions. He had some rough reps against the straight power rush but also won easily against speed, swim, and other finesse moves. Powers-Johnson’s anchor, strength, and punch power give him all the tools to finish defenders into the ground. Overall, he’s a great product coming out of Oregon. 

WR – Roman Wilson – Michigan – Buy

Roman Wilson had a solid day both during the one-on-one session and the 7v7 session. His release off the line of scrimmage and separation quickness helped him win a lot of reps today. He has a knack for stacking defenders and keeping them on their heels while also possessing some good straight-line speed to torch defenders down the seam. 

Honorable Mentions

RB – Dylan Laube – New Hampshire – Buy

Laube’s stock is increasing, fueled by his impressive 20.44 MPH speed. A potential small-school sleeper, he showcases a rare blend of speed and explosiveness that sets him apart as a surprise standout prospect. 

WR – Brendan Rice – USC – Neutral

Rice did well fighting through contact, and his catch-in-traffic ability is easily among the best of the day. 

American Team

WR – Ladd McConkey – University of Georgia – Buy

McConkey’s stand-out performance was by far the best for the American team practice and arguably the best out of the two practices. McConkey’s route running, agility, and route separation have caused issues for every DB across from him. There’s an argument to be made that he was genuinely open on every route he ran on the day. 

OT – Patrick Paul – Houston – Buy

Paul had a solid day overall. His length is outstanding and his feet are quick enough to be a factor on the next level. Paul won a lot of his reps but didn’t dominate. He needs to finish some of his blocks a little more, but otherwise, it was a good outing for the Houston product. 

WR – Xavier Legette – South Carolina – Sell

I am not buying the Legette stock based on today. While he has an impressive frame, his woes stem from his lack of route separation, speed, and foot quickness. His feet were very choppy during the drill session. His size provides some promise on the next level, but he needs to perform a lot better going forward. 

Honorable Mentions

DT – Braden Fiske – Florida State – Buy

Fiske won a lot of his reps today by using some of his great flexibility, quickness off the ball, and sheer power to plow through the line and consistently disrupt plays.

OT – Tyler Guyton – Oklahoma – Buy

On every rep Guyton took today he showed power and nastiness. This Oklahoma product will look to propel himself up draft boards in the next couple of days.