At Sports Info Solutions, our Video Scouts chart FBS and NFL football games 40 hours a week. They chart every play of every game in extraordinary detail, becoming experts in team’s tendencies and concepts. So, who better to ask about what to watch for in this weeks upcoming NFL games? This season we will be providing weekly NFL previews of key matchups with insight straight from our Video Scouts and stats from the SIS DataHub Pro.

Washington Redskins @ Buffalo Bills – 11/3 1:00 PM ET

Kendall Mirsky, SIS Football Video Scout:

After two weeks in a row that the defense was brought down to earth, there is potential for the same problem to affect the Bills again this week. The Bills have had trouble stopping runs between the ‘B’ gaps this season after the injury to DT Harrison Phillips. With the Redskins coming up, it is possible that the Bills will face a similar defensive task against Adrian Peterson and the Redskins’ hefty dose of Duo run designs. Especially after the departure of Jay Gruden, the Redskins have opted to put an emphasis on the running game under Interim Coach Bill Callahan.

Adrian Peterson Has Been Elite on Duo Runs This Season

Carries (NFL Rank)Yards / Carry (NFL Rank)
21 (2nd)4.3 (4th)


Green Bay Packers @ Los Angeles Chargers – 11/3 4:25 PM ET

Bruce Schroeder, SIS Football Video Scout:

The Chargers are coming off their biggest win of the season against the Bears, but fired their offensive coordinator the next day. The Chargers could be expected to come out fast against the Packers, as this move generally gives teams a boost. That being said it shouldn’t take long for the Packers to regain their step with the infamous home-field disadvantage of the Chargers stadium. With crowd attendance most likely in their favor, and the expected return of WR Davante Adams, look for the Packers to progressively control the game throughout all four quarters.

Davante Adams’ Hopeful Return Could be a Big Boost for the Packers

PlayerTargetsReceiving Points Earned
Davante Adams3613.3
All Other Packers WR’s1056.8


New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens – 11/3 8:20 PM ET

Stephen Marciello, SIS Football Video Scout:

The one knock against the Patriots stellar defense so far this year is the level of competition they have performed against. Without any games against top-tier offenses or quarterbacks, many people want to see how they will fare in a competitive game. This Sunday night against the Baltimore Ravens will be that first game, as the Patriots go on the road to face QB Lamar Jackson. Look for the Pats to try and take away the running ability of Jackson and force him to be a pocket passer. Jamie Collins will most likely be given the role of the quarterback spy in the middle of the defense. Collins’ speed and athleticism allowing him to make plays sideline to sideline could be the difference in the game by neutralize the running ability of Jackson.

Jamie Collins’ Bounce Back 2019 Performance

Pass Defense Points Saved (LB Rank)Run Defense Points Saved (LB Rank)Total Points Saved (LB Rank)
30 (3)10 (4)40 (2)


Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants – 11/4 8:15 PM ET

Andrew McKeon, SIS Football Video Scout:

With the addition of Leonard Williams, if it wasn’t obvious before, the defensive line is far and away the strength of the Giants defense. Combined with DT Dexter Lawrence, the Giants now have two athletic space eaters up front that should hopefully alleviate some pressure from the rest of the Giants’ leaky defense. This new duo faces a tough task right away though; the Dallas offensive line is one of the best in football and will require the new-look defensive line of the Giants to carry the defense if they want any chance of winning this game

How Leonard Williams Compares to His New Giants DL Teammates

PlayerPass Rush Points SavedRun Defense Points SavedTotal Points Saved
Dalvin Tomlinson31114
Leonard Williams7512
B.J. Hill6612
Dexter Lawrence4610