At Sports Info Solutions, our Video Scouts chart FBS and NFL football games 40 hours a week. They chart every play of every game in extraordinary detail, becoming experts in team’s tendencies and concepts. So, who better to ask about what to watch for in this weeks upcoming NFL games? This season we will be providing weekly NFL previews of key matchups with insight straight from our Video Scouts and stats from the SIS DataHub Pro.

New York Giants @ Detroit Lions – 10/27 1:00 PM ET

Andrew McKeon, SIS Football Video Scout:

The Giants travel to Detroit this week in a game that Daniel Jones needs to turn things around. Ball security must be a point of emphasis, as Jones cannot afford to keep turning the ball over at his current rate if the Giants want to be competitive for the rest of the season. Of course he is a rookie making rookie mistakes, but he must start sensing pressure in the pocket better and placing more emphasis on ball security when his internal quarterback clock ticks down

Daniel Jones vs. Pressure

AttemptsComp%Yds / AttTDs / INTsPassing Points Earned (Rank)
7153.50%6.10 / 35 (20th)


Philadelphia Eagles @ Buffalo Bills – 10/7 1:00 PM ET

Kendall Mirsky, SIS Football Video Scout:

After they escaped with a victory against the Ryan Fitzpatrick led Dolphins, the Bills look to play to their competition yet again with the Eagles coming up. If the Bills want to have success this week, the focus should be for the offensive line to give Josh Allen time to pick apart the Eagles secondary. If the Bills offensive line can hold up against the Eagles front, Allen should be comfortable enough to start making the intermediate to deep throws that got him drafted so high in the 2018 NFL Draft

Noah Gatsik, SIS Operations Associate:

The biggest mismatch in this game will be John Brown vs. anybody the Eagles put out there to cover him. Expect a monster week against an Eagles secondary that has more holes in it than an afghan blanket.

John Brown vs. Eagles Secondary (Throws 10+ Yards Downfield)

PlayerTargetsYds / Tgt


Points Earned

John Brown2713.815
WR’s vs. Eagles8011.835


Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints – 10/27 1:00 PM ET

Will Osgood, SIS Football Video Scout:

In spite of the possibility that Drew Brees starts in Week 8, it’s the health of other starters–Alvin Kamara, Jared Cook, Tre’Quan Smith on offense, and Eli Apple on defense–that is the biggest question for the Saints as they host the resurgent Arizona Cardinals. The loss of Cook could be big, as the Cardinals have one of the worst defenses against tight ends in the entire league.

Saints TE Depth vs. Cardinals Defense

PlayerTargetsYds / Tgt


Points Earned

Josh Hill167.64
TE’s vs. Cardinals6310.125


Cleveland Browns @ New England Patriots – 10/27 4:25 PM ET

Stephen Marciello, SIS Football Video Scout:

Once again the Patriots are coming off a dominating defensive performance, in which they forced five turnovers by Sam Darnold. Going into this week’s matchup against the Browns, look for safety Devin McCourty to continue his success. McCourty leads the NFL in interceptions (5) and has also been utilized in a variety of roles. Aside from his normal deep safety position, McCourty saw many snaps against the Jets where he lined up in the box, as well as a handful in the slot. The versatile McCourty, along with the rest of the stellar Patriots defense, will look to help keep the Patriots undefeated on Sunday.

Devin McCourty’s Performance (2019)

TargetsYds / TgtINT’sPass Defense Points Saved (Rank)
122.5525 (1st)


Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs – 10/27 8:20 PM ET

Bruce Schroeder, SIS Football Video Scout:

As the Packers head on the road for a Sunday Night Football matchup against the Chiefs, look for much needed secondary help to be found in rookie safety, Darnell Savage Jr. Savage, who has missed the past couple games with an ankle injury, is back to full participation in practice. The Packers defense has allowed too many big plays in the passing game recently against the Lions and Raiders. Now that they are facing perhaps the most explosive offense in the NFL, Savage should make a huge difference with his cross-field speed.

Packers’ Safeties in Coverage (Throws 10+ Yards Downfield)

PlayerTargetsYds / TgtINTs + Pass DefensedPass Defense Points Saved
Darnell Savage Jr.5037
All Other Safeties1210.631