At Sports Info Solutions, our Video Scouts chart FBS and NFL football games 40 hours a week. They chart every play of every game in extraordinary detail, becoming experts in team’s tendencies and concepts. So, who better to ask about what to watch for in this weeks upcoming NFL games? This season we will be providing weekly NFL previews of key matchups with insight straight from our Video Scouts and stats from the SIS Datahub Pro

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers – 9/15 1:00 ET

Bruce Schroeder, SIS Football Video Scout, on the Packers:

Offensively, look for the Packers to find their run-pass balance that Coach Matt LaFleur has talked about often. Last week the Packers ran a designed pass 61% of the time (includes scrambles) , which is not what LaFleur wants. In a big divisional matchup against the Vikings, look for Aaron Jones to get more attempts, especially on outside zone runs (13 total attempts week 1, 7 of which were outside zones); the crux of LaFleur’s offense. 

A huge factor that has negatively affected the Packers on both sides of the ball, but especially defensively, has been injuries. Injuries always seemed to add up quick for Packer’s defenses in years past, but heading into Week 2 the only major injury has been to linebacker Oren Burks.

Look for an up and coming defense to live up to the early hype if it can continue to stay healthy, specifically DB Kevin King. King can be a lock-down corner in this league if he can stay healthy, so keep an eye on him going forward.

Kevin King’s Performance by Season

SeasonTargetsComp% AllowedYds/Target AllowedPoints Saved

Bruce Schroeder, SIS Football Video Scout, on the Vikings:

Kirk Cousins threw the ball only 10 times in Week 1. Look for the Vikings to emphasize their running game again in week 2, highlighting their premier back, Dalvin Cook . Even with two stars at WR in Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, the Vikings clearly don’t want Cousins responsible for winning the game, which seems problematic in today’s NFL.

The Vikings have a stacked defense and are facing a familiar foe in the Packers, but not a familiar offense. Look to see how the Vikings respond to an offense they haven’t seen with a QB at the helm like Rodgers. The Vikings should key on stopping the run game in order to make Rodgers win the game, but if they can’t, they could find themselves in a world of trouble with new looks from the Packers and LaFleur’s offense. 

Vikings Offensive Stars’ Week 1 Performance

PlayerAttemptsYardsYards After ContactBroken TacklesPoints Earned
Dalvin Cook211116854.3
 TargetsReceptionsYardsYards After CatchPoints Earned
Adam Thielen3343182.2
Stefon Diggs223781.2